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My research involves directly measuring properties of the Earth's surface and trying to understand how those properties are affected by climatic, geologic, and anthropogenic processes. My students and I collect data using a very wide range of techniques including remote sensing and traditional instrument surveys. The basic research questions I address can be posed in many different settings. As a result, my publications encompass a wide spectrum of surficial environments including icy landscapes, river channels, earthworks, and beaches. 

Recent Manuscripts 

O'Neal and Lowery. (2017) Observations of the reduction in surface artifact frequency as a result of multimodal plowing. Geoarchaeology.

O'Neal, M.A.. (2016) Lichenometric dating: Science or pseudo-science?–Comment to the paper published by Osborn et al. Quaternary Research.

Yu et al. (2016) Impact of Topography on Groundwater Salinization Due to Ocean Surge Inundation. Water Resources Research.

O’Neal M.A. et al.  (2015) Detecting changes in the areal extent of North Cascade Glaciers. USA. Quaternary Research

Stotts, S., M.A. O’Neal, and J.E. Pizzuto (2015) Observations of riparian trees and bank characteristics along a bank stability gradient at South River, Va. River Research and Applications. 

O’Neal M.A. (2014) Terrestrial Laser Scanner Survey Design and Data Analysis in Above-Water Coastal Settings. In Remote Sensing and Modeling, Coastal Research Library. Springer.  pp. 65-76.

Stotts, S., M.A. O’Neal, and J.E. Pizzuto (2014) Exposed tree root analysis as a dendrogeomorphic approach to estimating bank erosion at the South River, VA. Geomorphology 223, pp. 10-18.

Pizzuto et al. (2014) Characteristic Length Scales and Time-Averaged Transport Velocities of Suspended Sediment In the Mid-Atlantic Region, U.S.A. Water Resources Research.

O’Neal et al. (2013) Lichenometric Dating of Rock Surfaces in the northern Cascade Range, USA. Geografiska Annaler.  Vol.95, No. 3. pp. 241-248.

Danilina, I. A.R. Gillespie, L.K. Balick, A. Mushkin, M.A. O'Neal.  (2012) Performance of a thermal-infrared radiosity and heat-diffusion model for estimating sub-pixel radiant temperatures over the course of a day. Remote Sensing of Environment. Vol. 124, pp. 492-501.

O’Neal, M.A.  (2012) An Objective Approach to Defining Earthwork Geometries Using Sub-Decimeter Digital Elevation Models. Geoarchaeology. Vol. 27, No. 2, pp. 157-165.